Passion and many years of experience in building wooden houses guarantee high quality of rendered services. Taking care of ecology, we always try to make wooden structures of the best technologies and materials. Our houses are characterized with high stability and construction durability. Our technology have been used for many years in Scandinavian countries in which the climate conditions are often more adverse than in Middle and Western Europe. We specialize in constructing normal and holiday houses, shelters, canopies and grill houses which are ideal for winter family meetings. We put greatest emphasis on satisfaction of every single client. In order to fulfill your requirements we always approach each project individually.


Our full range of services includes:

  • Building single-family houses
  • Building station shelters and garages
  • Assembly of prefabricated wooden houses and roof trusses
  • Manufacturing traditional rafter framings made of glued wood
  • Kota grill houses
  •  KVH wood sales
  • Execution of individual client’s projects

Our houses are characterized with:

  • aesthetics and functionality
  • high energy efficiency
  • short execution time (3 to 10 weeks depending on finishing standard)
  • best materials (KVH wood, highest quality insulation materials and window joinery, newest ventilation and heating technologies)
  • solid and stable structure


We invite you to get acquainted with technologies which we use in our wooden houses.

See house design R.35 Premium on the 360 ° presentation

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to answer all, dispel doubts and advise. Call, write to us or write:

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